Our Story

We know how people love being creative with their photos; it enables them to tell a totally different story than a regular photo and also brings a new emotional reaction from the people who look at it.

For over 20-years we have given Photoshop users the ability to create stunning effects with only 3 or 4 mouse clicks using our special plugins. But we always wanted to offer these effects to everyone, not only Photoshop users. Now our vision has become a reality because you can create these unique effects without needing to own or learn Photoshop.

The first effects we are offering are the Disintegrate and Fire effects. You simply mark on your photo where you want the effect to apply, press submit, and our AI creates the effect and emails it back to you. More artistic photo effects will be offered to you every month or so, as shown below. Soon these effects, along with instructive movie tutorials, will be offered for you in an App for your Smart Phone.

Thank you for visiting our website and before you go, our next effect is the Photo to Watercolor as shown below, please let us know if you like this new effect by clicking the Like button below.

Watercolor effect
Watercolor effect